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Permission to Suck

First the obvious – yes, I’ve already missed a day of my challenge. I decided to get that over with right off the bat. After all it IS a 30 day challenge and May has 31 days, so technically I’m still on track. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

And yes, Cyn, perhaps a little nudge now and then is in order.

Second – The suck part. I took a little brow beating from the two-man peanut gallery about announcing that my writing for this challenge will suck. Let me ‘splain …

I was giving myself permission to suck. This is necessary in order to move forward. If I start off by saying these are going to be the most amazing posts that anyone has ever written in blogging history, I will instantly freeze up and become  incapable of writing anything. So that’s what that’s all about. But Cyn and Pam ARE right about one thing …


Happy now?

Good. Because that’s all I have for today.



  1. Yay!!! Happy now. Well, I do have a rant but I’ll save that for my own blog . . . which could be coming up shortly.

    I get the suck part, I do, but honestly I think we collectively need to come up with a better phrase. Not sure what, but I suspect by the end of the month we’ll have come up with a better word.

    So, the reminder, pick a time and I’ll . . . what email or text you? I almost texted you last night by the way. Oh and trust me I wish, desperately that I could have managed “blog” on Word with Friends.

  2. *insert the biggest, cheesiest grin here*

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